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トランプの神経衰弱の要領で単語の日本語と英語を組み合わせてね。 カードが合えば英単語の音声が出るよ。

「Jared "The Subway Guy" サブウェイのジャレッド」
  • carbohidrate
  • dietary fiber
  • organic food
  • greasy
  • bland

方向音痴 Bad At Directions
[give directions]
[between A and B]
[next to A]
[opposite A]
[go straight]
Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained
[bean-throwing ceremony]
[parched soybeans]
[Japanese calender]
[evil spirits]

May I help you?
[warranty card]
[price range]
[good buy]
1. 芸猫への道(親ばか) What's your motivation?
[動機][ごほうび][我慢する][頑張る][〜をやる気にさせる] [motivation] [reward] [be patient] [try hard] [turn on 〜]
2. 癒し系 Healing Goods
[リラックスするような][癒す][元気にする][ストレスがたまっている][へとへとだ] [relaxing] [heal] [revive] [stressed out] [exhausted]
3. 今年の目標 New Year's Resolutions
[目標][決意][決める][やり遂げる][〜をあきらめる] [goal] [resolution] [decide] [achieve] [give up on]
4. はくしょん! Bless you!
[インフルエンザ][くしゃみ(をする)][トローチ][風邪薬][抗生物質] [the flue] [sneeze] [cough drops] [cold medicine] [antibiotics]
5. 雑貨天国自由が丘 What's 'Zakkaya'?
[雑貨屋][調理器具][食卓用食器具][洗面用品][文房具] [variety store] [kitchen utensils] [tableware] [toiletry goods] [stationery]
6. Soap?Tube? 石鹸?チューブ?
[連続ドラマ][トーク番組][ドキュメンタリー][ニュース][アニメ] [soap operas] [talk shows] [documentaries] [news] [cartoons]
7. Vacabulary Hell 単語地獄
[語彙力][文法][流暢さ][聞き取り][発音] [vocabulary] [grammar] [fluency] [listening] [pronunciation]
8. Are you allergic to English? あなたは英語アレルギー?
[スギ花粉][免疫系][症状][くしゃみ][花粉情報] [cedar pollen] [immune system] [symptom(s)] [sneeze(s)] [pollen information]
9. お花見 Cherry Blossom Viewing
[花を植える][花を育てる][(花が)咲く][花を生ける][並木] [plant flowers] [grow flowers] [bloom] [arrange flowers] [line of trees]
10. Love Hurdle?愛には超えなくてはいけないものがある?
[カロリーを抑えた(形)][やせ薬(名)][太る(動)][腕立て伏せ(名)][腹筋(名)] [calorie-controlled] [diet pill(s)] [put on weight] [push-up(s)] [sit-up(s)]
11. Is your Golden Week golden? あなたのゴールデンウイークは金色?
[海外旅行に行く(動)][ごろごろする(名)][家事(全般)(名)][水族館(名)][遊園地(名)] [travel overseas] [sit around] [house hold chore(s)] [aquarium] [amusement park]
12. Getting out of the reality 現実逃避
[〜から逃げる][非現実的な][超現実的な][白昼夢][ぼーっとする] [get away from〜] [unrealistic] [surrealistic] [daydream] [space out]
13. White Lies 嘘の色は白
[正直な(形)][ストレートな(形)][遠まわしな(形)][誉め言葉(名)][お世辞を言う(動)] [honest] [straghtforward] [indirect] [compliment] [flatter]
14. カウチポテトしよう!Couch Potato Time!
[カウチ・ポテト][マウス・ポテト][パジャマ・パーティー][ポップコーン・メイカー][ビデオデッキ] [couch potato] [mouce potato] [pajama party] [popcorn maker] [VCR]
15. Shopping Over the Net インターネット・ショッピング
[買い物かご][品物][数量][送料][オークション・サイト] [shopping cart] [item] [quantity] [shipping] [auction site]
16. Real Surfing 本当のサーフィン
[(名)スキューバダイビング][(名)ウインドサーフィン][(名)シュノーケリング][(名)ジェットスキー][(名)水上スキー] [scuba diving] [windsurfing] [snorkeling] [jet-skiing] [water skiing]
17. Girls be fashonable! みんなオシャレになーれ!
[(名)ヘアエクステンション][(名)ビューラー][(名)マニキュア][(名)一時の流行][(形)オシャレな] [hair extention] [eyelash curler] [nail polish] [fad] [hip]
18. The Life Line 命綱
[冷蔵庫][携帯][パソコン][電子レンジ][ビデオデッキ] [fridge] [cell phone] [PC] [microwave] [VCR]
19. 充電しないと!My Batteries Need Recharging!
[観光地][お土産][絵葉書][有給休暇][避暑地] [sightseeing spot] [souvenir] [picture card] [paid vacation] [summer resort]
20. I love to work out! 運動は大好き!
[(名)日常の仕事][(名)ノルマ][(名)同僚][(形)自営の][(名)福利厚生] [routine] [quota] [co-worker] [self-employed] [finge benefit]
21. Earth-Unfriendly 地球にやさしくない
[環境][生態系][熱帯雨林][オゾン層][汚染] [environment] [ecology] [rain forest] [ozon layer] [pollution]
22. Sweet Temptations 甘い誘惑
[低脂肪の][食物繊維][栄養のある][ミネラル][ビタミン] [low-fat] [dietary fiber] [nutritious] [mineral(s)] [vitamin(s)]
23. Books or Magazines? 本?それとも雑誌?
[新聞雑誌売り場][キヨスク][コンビニ][ドラッグ・ストア][オンライン書店] [newsstand] [kiosk] [convenience store] [drugstore] [online book store]
24. Happy Halloween! ハッピーハロウィーン!
[かぼちゃちょうちん][諸聖人祭][仮装][悪い霊][怖い] [jack-o'-lantern] [All Saints' Day] [costume] [evil spirit] [scary]
25. Movie Goer 映画好き
[コメディー][SF][アクション][主役][脇役] [comedy] [sience fiction] [action] [leading roll] [supporting roll]
26. 紅葉狩り Viewing Autumnal Leaves
[紅葉した葉][常緑樹][もみじ][落ち葉][銀杏] [autumnal leaves] [evergreen] [Japanese maple] [fallen leaves] [ginko nuts]
27. I love Christmas!クリスマス大好き!
[ヤドリギ][エッグノッグ][(ツリーの)飾り][リース][電飾] [mistletoe] [eggnog] [ornament] [wreath] [illumination]
28. Don't Look Back? 振り返るな?
[忘年会][酔う][二日酔い][大晦日][お歳暮] [year-end party] [get drunk] [hangover] [New Year's Eve] [year-end gift(s)]
29. Old Sayings ことわざ
[ことわざ(名)][意味(名)][たとえ(名)][韻(名)][表現(名)] [old saying] [meaning] [metaphor] [rhyme] [expression]
30. What do you do in your free time? 趣味は何ですか?
[切手収集][プラモデル][乗馬][盆栽][気晴らし] [collecting stamps] [plastic models] [horseback riding] [bonsai] [pastime]
31. Get panicy! パニックしなさい!
[面接][ビジネスパーソン][履歴書][同僚][上司] [job interview] [businessperson] [resume] [coworker] [boss]
32. 健康オタク Fitness Freak
[健康オタク][スポーツ観戦オタク][エアロビクス][心拍数][体を鍛える] [fitness freak] [sports fanatic] [aerobics] [heart rate] [work out]
33. Call Me On My Cellular Phone. 携帯に電話してね。
[携帯電話][充電器][留守電サービス][電話料金][番号間違い] [cellular phone] [battery charger] [answering service] [telephone charges] [wrong number]
34. Orange Day? オレンジデー?
[祝う][結婚記念日][ラブラブ状態][言い寄る][浮気をする] [celebrate] [wedding anniversary] [in love] [hit on] [cheat on]
35. Follow The Trend! 流行を追え!
[流行を作る][流行を追う][流行遅れの][列に並ぶ][カッコいい] [set the trend] [follow the trend] [be outdated] [get in a line] [hip]
36. I'm not a very good cook.料理はそんなに得意じゃないです。
[混ぜる][みじん切りにする][〜を振る][ひっくり返す][加える] [stir] [chop up] [sprinkle with 〜] [turn over] [add]
37. My Favorite Cafe お気に入りのカフェ
[喫茶店][カフェ][食堂][ピザレストラン][学食(社食)] [coffee shop] [cafe] [diner] [pizza place] [cafeteria]
38. You can't resist! 見ずにはいられない!
[広告][テレビコマーシャル][ポスター][求人広告][看板] [advertisement] [TV commercials] [posters] [classified ads] [signs]
39. サッカーの世界 The World Of Soccer
[自殺点][審判][ハットトリック][サッカー場][ハーフタイム] [own goal] [referee] [hat trick] [soccer field] [half time]
40. Never Ending Household Chores 家事はネバーエンディング
[掃除機をかける][植物に水をやる][洗濯する][お風呂を洗う][シンクを磨く] [vacuum the floor] [water the plants] [do the laundry] [wash the bath tub] [scrub the sink]
41. カビカビReally Moldy
[湿度が高い][カビ][カビの生えた][害のある][苔] [humid] [mold] [be moldy] [harmful] [moss]
42. Summer is coming again!また夏が来る!
[ダイエット食品][痩せる薬][高カロリーな][ダイエット甘味料][ダイエット茶] [diet food] [diet pills] [high in calories] [low calorie sweetener] [herbal diet tea]
43. 感動した!I'm impressed!
[ライブ][お芝居][歌詞][シーン][傑作] [live concert] [play] [lyrics] [scene] [masterpiece]
44. Vacation Tips お休みのアイディア
[ヒント][ウインドウ・ショッピング][花を植える][最新の映画][日光浴] [tips] [window shopping] [plant flowers] [latest movies] [sunbathing]
45. Ultra...?ウルトラ...?
[紫外線][日焼け][日焼け(やけど)][火膨れ][日傘] [ultraviolet rays] [suntan] [sunburn] [blister] [parasol]
46. 日本にある変な英語たちWeird English Expressions in Japan
[ワイシャツ][ストッキング][マニキュア][ピアス][コンセント] [dress shirt] [pantyhose] [nailpolish] [pierced earings] [plug]
47. 秋の味覚 Dainties of Autumn
[柿][栗][さんま][大根][白菜] [persimmon] [chestnut] [saury] [Japanese radish] [Chinese cabbage]
48. Highs And Lows いいときも悪いときも
[低気圧][高気圧][台風の目][大雨][洪水] [low pressure] [high pressure] [eye of a typhoon] [heavy rain] [flood]
49. Travelin' トラーベリン♪
[旅行日程表][おみやげ][機内持込手荷物][出入国カード][免税店] [itinerary] [souvenir] [carry-on baggage] [immigration form] [duty free shop]
50. So Many Complaints!クレームだらけ!
[電気ポット][ヒューズ][蛇口][ストーブ ][クーラー] [electric kettle] [fuse] [faucet] [heater] [air conditioner]
51. 旅の恥はかき捨て?How Embarrassing To Be A Traveler!
[自動改札機][券売機][投入口][ホーム(電車の)][運賃] [automatic ticket gate] [ticket-vending machine] [slot] [platform] [fare]
52. U.S.vs G.B.アメリカvsイギリス
[アパート][ゴミ][ガソリン][列][なす] [flat] [rubbish] [petrol] [queue] [aubergine]
53. ドリ子とドリ夫 Human Clones
[SF][胎児][クローン][遺伝子][倫理的な] [sci-fi] [embryo] [clone] [gene] [ethical]
54. Time Is Short And Life Is Cruel 短い人生
[〜の仕方][〜を習う][--のクラスに通う][〜を克服する][良い--になる] [how to] [learn] [take -- course] [overcome] [become a good --]
55. アナタはメイシンをシンジますか?Are you superstitious?
[潜在意識][お守り][迷信深い][疑う][--を信じる] [subconscious] [good luck charm] [superstitious] [doubt] [believe in --]
56. What a Lifesaver!開いててよかったぁ!
[便利な][便利でない][24時間の〜][監視カメラ][予約をする] [convenient] [inconvenient] [round-the-clock] [surveillance camera] [reserve]
57. Can't complain.こんなもんだよ。
[不平を言う][クレームをつける][主張する][クレームの手紙][問題の解決] [complain] [make a complaint] [claim] [letters of complaint] [solve problems]
58. Costs an arm and a leg!!すんごいお金かかる!
[不動産屋(人)][ワンルーム・マンション][敷金][礼金][引越し業者] [realtor] [studio apartment] [deposit] [key money] [moving company]
59. When in Rome can't see Rome 郷に入れば見えなくなる
[名物の食べ物][名物の品][〜(人)の田舎(育ったところ)][観光名所][民謡] [local food] [noted product] [one's home town] [tourist attraction] [folk song]
60. Insomniaインソムニア
[不眠症][悪夢][睡眠薬][枕][ハーブティー] [insomnia] [nightmare] [sleeping pill] [pillow] [herbal tea]
61. A Bad Hair Day 髪の毛のきまらない日
[シャンプー][リンス][美容院][美容師][頭皮] [shampoo] [conditioner] [hair salon] [hairstylist] [scalp]
62. Did you eat breakfast this mornig?今日は朝ごはん食べた?
[シリアル][ジャム(米)][マーガリン][目玉焼き][ブランチ] [cereal] [jelly] [margarine] [fried egg] [brunch]
63. あり得ない! No way!
[宝くじ][客船][豪邸][宝石][仮定法] [lottery] [cruise ship] [mansion] [jewelry] [subjunctive]
64. Minor Health Problems 大したことじゃない?
[ストレスがある][血圧][だるい][腰痛][肩こり] [be stressed out] [blood pressure] [feel heavy] [backache] [stiff shoulders]
65. These are a few of my favorite things.大好きなもの
[誉める][批判する][偏見][ダサい][大嫌い] [praise] [criticize] [prejudice] [corny] [can't stand]
66. I'm drained.何も浮かばないときぃ!
[枯渇させるような][違う角度][繰り返し][深呼吸][さかだち] [draining] [different angle] [repetition] [deep breath] [handstand]
67. Can't live without you! あなたなしでは生きられない!
[酸素][香りをつけた][マイナスイオン][水道水][ミネラルウォーター] [oxygen] [scented] [minus ion] [tap water] [mineral water]
68. I'm Afraid Of Ghosts! お化けは怖い!
[幽霊][超常][現象][存在する][交霊会] [phantom] [supernatural] [phenomenon] [exist] [seance]
69. ありえない!It can't be!
[自然災害][熱波][干ばつ][予知する][天然資源] [natural disaster] [heat wave] [drought] [predict] [natural resources]
70. Take care of your eyes.ばかの薬
[眼科医][まぶた][眼球][角膜][ものもらい] [eye doctor] [eyelid] [eyeball] [cornea] [sty]
71. 頑張って!Chin up!
[一生懸命やる][チャレンジする][精を出す][うまくやる][努力する] [try hard] [challenge] [hustle] [break a leg] [make efforts]
72. Dream Transportation 夢の乗り物
[バイク][自転車][新幹線][フェリー][送迎バス] [motorcycle] [bike] [bullet train] [ferry] [shuttle]
73. Gambling Feverギャンブルという熱
[賭ける][勝つ][いかさまする][競馬][宝くじ] [bet] [win] [cheat] [horse race(s)] [lottery]
74. Influences影響を受ける
[影響を与える][影響を受ける][目から鱗が落ちる][まねをする][〜にはまる] [affect] [be influenced] [see the light] [mimic] [be into〜]
75. Makeup Stuffコスメグッズ
[ビューラー][ほお紅][口紅][グロス][あぶらとり紙] [eyelash curler] [blusher] [lipstick] [lip gloss] [oil-absorbing sheet]
76. Season's Greetings 季節のご挨拶
[年賀状][出す][お年玉付きの][郵便番号][お礼のカード] [New Year's card] [send] [with a lottery number] [zip code] [thank-you card]
77. New Year's Feast お正月のごちそう
[もち][おせち][大晦日][そば][大掃除する] [rice cake] [New Year dishes] [New Year's Eve] [buckwheat noodles] [clean the whole house]
78. Fantasyland 空想の世界
[妄想][予想][予言][目標][現実的] [fantasy] [prediction] [prophecy] [aim] [realistic]
79. That's terrible! ひどーい!
[幼児虐待][ストーカー行為][子供への性犯罪][不法投棄][詐欺] [child abuse] [stalking] [child molestation] [illegal dumping] [fraud]
80. 贈り物上手 Gift Shopping
[お返しをする][無難な][欲しいものリスト][商品券][冠婚葬祭] [give in return] [safe] [wish list] [gift certificate] [ceremonial occasions]
81. The World of Computers コンピュータの世界
[スペック][ハードディスク][アンチウイルス・ソフト][ノートパソコン][添付ファイル] [spec] [hard disk] [antivirus software] [laptop computer] [attached file]
82. Take Me Out To The Amusement Park 遊園地に連れてって
[ジェット・コースター][観覧車][メリーゴーランド][遊園地][乗り物] [roller coaster] [Ferris wheel] [merry-go-round] [amusement park] [ride]
83. Give Me Some Needles! 針をくださ〜い!
[はり][はり師][マッサージ師][リフレクソロジー][つぼ] [acupuncture] [acupuncturist] [masseur] [reflexology] [pressure point]
84. When You Wish Apon A Star... 星に願いを、、、
[天文学][太陽系][惑星][光年][プラネタリウム] [astronomy] [the solar system] [planet] [light-year] [planetarium]
85. Laughter Is The Best Medicine笑いは一番の薬
[人種ネタ][しもネタ][ホームコメディー][漫才][だじゃれ] [ethnic joke] [dirty joke] [sitcom] [stand-up comedy] [pun]
86. What the hell is your blood type? 血液ガタガタ
[血液型][おおざっぱな][几帳面な][マイペースで][二重人格] [blood type] [sweeping] [scrupulous] [at my own pace] [split personality]
87. When Someone Passes Away 誰かが亡くなったら
[亡くなる][お葬式][お通夜][棺][火葬する] [pass away] [funeral] [wake] [coffin] [cremate]
88. "No" Means No 「ノー」と言ったらノー
[文化的衝突][逆カルチャーショック][〜に慣れる][遠慮する][違った習慣] [culture clash] [reverse culture shock] [get used to〜] [be bashful] [different customs]
89. Don't hang up! 切らないで!
[(電話が)鳴る][留守電][いたずら電話][番号案内][間違い電話] [ring] [answering machine] [prank call] [directory assistance] [wrong number]
90. Long Hot Summer 暑く長い夏
[日射病][あせも][熱帯夜][日焼け(やけど)][脱水症状] [sunstroke] [heat rash] [sultry night] [sunburn] [dehydration]
91. Law Practice 法に携わるということ
[評決][罰][正義][有罪の][無罪の] [verdict] [punishment] [justice] [guilty] [innocent]
92. Body Language 体は口ほどに物を言う?
[ジェスチャーゲーム][感情][表情][姿勢][癖] [charades] [emotions] [facial expressions] [posture] [habit]
93. English Spoken In The World 英語は世界の言葉
[朝食][バーベキュー][フライドポテト][すごいいい][いい] [brekkie] [barbie] [chips] [ripper] [bonzer]
94. Film It And They Will Come 撮れば人はやって来る
[ロケ地ツアー][参加者][熱狂的なファン][舞台裏の][最終話] [location tour] [participant] [hardcore fan] [behind-the-scene] [final episode]
95. Fresh Start 新しい年を迎えて
[足掛り][有意義な][成果][過程][障害(物)] [stepping stone] [meaningful] [accomplishment] [process] [obstacle]
96. Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained 虎穴に入らずんば虎子を得ず
[豆まき][煎った大豆][旧暦][儀式][邪気] [bean-throwing ceremony] [parched soybeans] [Japanese calender] [ritual] [evil spirits]
97. クローンネコとペットロスClone Cat & Pet Loss
[ペットロス][骨壷][墓石][クローン動物][治療のために] [pet loss] [urn] [gravestone] [clone animal] [to treat deseases]
98. Fresh Start 門出
[インテリア雑貨][間取り図][インテリア(全体)][インテリア・デザイン][家具を置く] [room decor] [floor plan] [room layout] [interior design] [furnish]
99. Everything Can Be Art! 何でも芸術にしちゃえ!
[水彩画][油絵][彫刻][芸術作品][抽象画] [water-color painting] [oil painting] [sculpture] [art work] [abstract painting]
100. 料理自慢? Good Cook?
[ゆでる][煮る][いためる][揚げる][直火で焼く] [boil] [simmer] [stir fry] [deep fry] [grill]
101. テロの恐怖 Terror of Terrorism
[テロ攻撃][大量殺りく][被害者][政治問題][世界平和] [terrorist attack] [mass murder] [victim] [political issue] [global peace]
102. I'm gonna be on television♪ テーレービーにでーる♪
[バラエティー番組][司会者][視聴者][ゴールデンタイム][全国ネット] [variety program] [MC(master of ceremony)] [viewer] [prime-time] [national television]
103. 初心に帰る Back To The Basics
[初心者][初心者(くだけて)][新人][中級の][上級コース] [beginner] [newbie] [rookie] [intermediate] [advanced course]
104. あったか研究所 Picky About Warmth
[ダウンジャケット][電気毛布][電気あんか][湯たんぽ][入浴剤] [down jacket] [electric blanket] [heating pad] [hot water bottle] [bath salt]
105. ゲーム中毒 Game Addicts
[ロールプレイング][アドベンチャー][アクション][シミュレーション][ボードゲーム] [role-playing] [adventure] [action] [simulation] [board game]
106. 気になる話題 The Hottest Issue
[証券取引所][急落][粉飾決算][〜を厳しく追及する][崩壊] [bourse] [free fall] [window dressing] [grill] [melt down]
107. 出会いと別れ People Come And Go
[挨拶][手を振る][やあ!][じゃあね。][おめでとう!] [greeting] [wave] [Hi, there.] [See ya.] [Congrats!]
108. Baker's Dozen パン屋さんの1ダース
[ダース][カートン][束][半ダース(6)][小さい箱] [dozen] [carton] [bunch] [six-pack] [pack]
109. Thanks Regiving サンクスリギビング
[お中元][お歳暮][お年玉][ご祝儀][ウィッシュリスト] [summer gift] [year-end gift] [New Year's money] [gratuity] [wish list]
110. I Really Miss The Beef Bowl! その牛丼が食べたい!
[薄切りにする][千切りにする][みじん切りにする][おろす・する][一口大] [slice thinly] [julienne] [chop up] [grate] [bite-size piece]
111. 2006 Fall's Top Trends '06秋のトレンドファッション
[クロップド・パンツ][ブランド服][シャツ(ワイシャツ)][トップス][キャミソール] [cropped pants] [designer clothes] [dress shirt] [tops] [camisole tank top]
112. May I help you? 接客英会話
[素材][保証書][説明書][価格帯][お買い得] [material] [warranty card] [instructions] [price range] [good buy]
113. Soaps are The Best Materials ドラマは一番の教材
[連ドラ][主役][脇役][字幕][吹き替え版] [soap opera] [leading role] [supporting role] [subtitles] [dubbed version]
114. Fire Drill 消防訓練
[地震][火事][避難][非常口][非常灯] [earthquake] [fire] [evacuation] [emergency exit] [emergency light]
115. Does Idol mean "Aidoru?" Idolはアイドルのこと?
[出場者][賞金][完璧にこなす][あがる(こと)][音程] [contestant] [prize money] [nail] [stage fright] [pitch]
116. Baby Cigars 赤ちゃんと葉巻?
[哺乳瓶][おしゃぶり][紙オムツ][ベビーベッド][乳母車] [baby bottle] [pacifier] [paper diaper] [crib] [stroller]
117. Where are the cell phones going? 携帯電話の未来予想
[固定電話][携帯メール][ワンセグ][画素数(カメラ)][GPS] [land line] [text message] [one-segment broadcasting] [resolution] [Global Positioning System]
118. Tiny Things Around You 小さいけれど〜♪
[はさみ][ボールペン][シャープペン][ホッチキス][消しゴム] [scissors] [ballpoint pen] [mechanical pencil] [stapler] [eraser]
119. もったいない!What a waste!
[無駄にする][大事に取っておく][捨てる][節約する][経済的] [waste] [treasure] [throw away] [cut back] [economical]
120. Japanese Martial Art 日本の格闘技
[力士][取り組み][土俵][しこをふむ][行司] [sumo wrestler] [sumo match] [sumo ring] [stamp one's feet] [sumo referee]
121. Evolution 進化 
[進化する][退化する][仕掛け][家電][機能] [evolve] [degenerate] [gimmic] [appliance] [function]
122. My Way 自分流
[哲学][考え方][やり方][〜流][こだわり(好み)] [philosophy] [way of thinking] [way of doing things] [one's own way] [taste]
123. Bring Your Own Merlot BYOM??
[軽い][濃厚な][フルーティーな][〜と合う][グラスで] [light] [fullbodied] [fruity] [go well with...] [by the glass]
124. 鼻をすする Sniffle
[鼻をかむ][鼻をすする][鼻づまり][鼻水][鼻くそ(俗)] [blow one's nose] [sniffle] [stuffed nose] [runny nose] [booger]
125. Zurich, Switzerland スイスのチューリッヒ
[ポルトガル][ギリシャ][ベトナム][北京][アテネ] [Portugal] [Greece] [Vietnam] [Beijing] [Athens]
126. KYはもう古い? Is KY outdated?
[as soon as possible][respondez s'il vous plait(仏)][pajamas][very important person][for your information] [ASAP] [RSVP] [PJ] [VIP] [FYI]
127. 4分の1 A Quarter
[投入口][小銭][お札][自動販売機][チップ] [slot] [(small) change] [bill] [vending machine] [tip]
128. 方向音痴 Bad At Directions
[道案内する][AとBの間][Aのとなり][Aの向かい][まっすぐ行く] [give directions] [between A and B] [next to A] [opposite A] [go straight]

Copyright (C) 1997,2010 Tomoko Sugaya